My name is Nils-Petter. Welcome to my illustration Portfolio!

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The Modern City©
High-rising cityscape of steel, glass and concrete
Varberga Park
Landscape Architecture Presentation
Malmö City Library
exploded cut-away illustration
Resources Radio
Resources for the Future (RFF) illustration
Health Agents
large scale cityscape illustration
Makina Girgir - Tape Songs
12" record cover illustration & design
Detailed circular pie-chart infographic illustration
Trelleborg Part 2
Series of informatics and fun look and learn illustrations
Annual report Illustration
Philanthropy Org
Landscape and cityscape illustrations
Grant Thornton
In it to win it - Editorial illustrations
Trelleborg Sustainable Energy
Informatic illustration
Cutaway drawing explaining sustainable mining
Scania World
Series of poster illustrations for Scania
Tree inventory and sustainable forestry illustrations
Atea Illustrations
Sustainability report, infographic illustrations
Italove - At the Disco 12"
Vinyl record release - illustration and design
Mom-and-Pop Jewelers
Glossy magazine illustrations
Uttryck Magazine
Editorial illustrations
Cutaway illustration
Atea logistics center x-ray
Virtual Private Network
Illustration for Atea
Future Retail
Editorial illustration
Illustration library for public transportation company UL
Trelleborg Food Production
Frog's-eye view illustration
Editorial cityscape illustration
Illustrations for ad campaign
Norrskog Flowchart
Infographic illustration
Political Correctness
Editorial illustration
Mander Duffill
Infographic illustration
Cutaway infographic illustration
Series of infographic, technical, cutaway and isometric illustrations for polymer products
Annual Business Report
JM Business Report
Illustrations for housing and residential company
London Stock Exchange
Cover Illustration for annual report
Illustrations for Postnord
Variety Magazine
Editorial Illustrations about Paramount and Twitter
Business illustration
Shop Magazine
Belgian Cityscape being crafted by hand
Trelleborg Pure Water
Infographic look and learn illustration
Walnut Creek
A small town picturesque for Diablo Magazine
Cutaway illustration for magazine cover and inlays
Ad Illustrations for Colman's, PG Tips and Magnum
The Financial Times
Property & Infrastructure - cover illustration and inlays
LP vinyl record cover design
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