Nils-Petter had the privilege of working with Hälsoagenterna (the Health Agents) on this extensive illustration assignment. In an ongoing effort to inspire young people to choose the health and social care sector as a possible educational and career path, Skåne's municipalities collaborated to establish the Hälsoagenterna project. In their work, Hälsoagenterna needed an illustration to gather around and act as a conversation starter when meeting with young people. This storytelling tool was meant to showcase a diverse range of workplaces and educational alternatives within the Swedish health and social care sector, emphasizing the importance of representing diversity, inclusion, and gender equality. The resulting cityscape illustration was adapted into various formats for different applications, including large-scale backdrops, collateral material, and social media.

Client: Hälsoagenterna / Skånes Kommuner Project Manager: Petra Douhane (Skånes Kommuner) Nursing Ambassador: Jimmy Bergman (Landskrona stad) Illustration: Nils-Petter Ekwall

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