Nils-Petter was commissioned by Occasion in Stockholm to illustrate the Swedish investment company Ratos journey from 1860 to today. For use at the Ratos 150th Anniversary book and website. From one man's company in the 1860's Stockholm (at the left side of the illustration) - growing into one of Sweden's most important trade and manufacturing groups of 20th century with a portfolio spanning from shipping, steel production, forest industries, manufacturing and trade business (middle). Today Ratos is one of the largest private equity companies in Scandinavia investing in new sustainable technologies (right side of the illustration).  
Part of the job was research and studies of old photographs and maps of now some demolished buildings and factories.
In the middle of the illustration - Adelswärdska huset - headquarters of the company and behind it - the family tree of the Söderberg family. The large building with copper roof is Stockholm School of Economics and the harbor is Marievik in Stockholm.   

Client: Ratos AB.  Agency: Occasion. Art direction by Pål Roos. Illustration by Nils-Petter Ekwall.

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