Nils-Petter was commissioned by CarveSthlm to make an illustrated circular motion diagram for Consolis - where each pie slice would be like a miniature world or scene; showing the company's value chain from initial discussions with partners, to innovation and design, to responsible material sourcing, manufacturing, transportation and construction of buildings and infrastructure to a sustainable society. The different illustration parts had to work as stand alone illustrations and together as one circular chart, scalable to any size without distortion.

Consolis is the the European leader in precast concrete solutions for the building and utilities sectors. With 8,000 employees and 20 companies in 17 countries, they provide architects, construction companies and community builders with smart, sustainable, and highly engineered pre-cast elements, enabling them to create homes, offices, universities, hospitals, stadiums, shopping centers, landmark buildings, airports and infrastructure. 

Client: CarveStlm / Consolis Art direction: Peter Lindgren Animation: Marcus Frendberg 
Illustration: Nils-Petter Ekwall 
Customer Partnerships. Company meeting with partners. Builders, architects and engineers in close collaboration. For better understanding of customer's challenges.   
Innovation and design. This pie shows innovation and design. A view inside of the design departement of Consolis. The design team's engineers works closely with the architect and the builder. CAD drawings and graphs on the screens. The floorplan and the background info graphic screen containing the Consolis wave shape. 
Responsible material sourcing. Showing a landscape with a quarry or open-pit mine where sand and stone is excavated from the ground. The operation is regulated to reduce environmental impact so half of the pie contains green nature.
Industrial production. A cut away / cross section of one of Consolis many factories. Showing manufacturing of the company's green spine line; precast concrete planks, panels and walls (the finished products got the Consolis green spine line work). The basic steps of the production can be seen in the illustration, mounted steel cages as a base,  cement is poured into moulds build of wood and a careful grinding at the end. The final products are transported to the next pie slice.
Green Spine line. A construction site with some of the company's more profiled green spine products in the foreground. This pie is drawn in the company's profile green lines. 
Sustainable Buildings. This pie slice shows the sustainable society with some landmarks build by Consolis in the background; Arlanda Airport control tower (S), Moesgaard Museum (DK), Steigenberger Alsik Hotel (DK) and Stadion Gdańsk (PL).

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