Nils-Petter was commissioned by Variety Magazine to illustrate two articles about movies in Variety Feb No3 2015 and Variety July No1 2015.    

First article was about how movie-set publicist are having a difficult time controlling the information that gets out from the set before the movie is released. A gaffer could easily snap a photo from the set and post it online and ruin the film's big reveal with an explosion of social media shares. The Art Directors wanted the illustration to show a publicist chasing a flock of Twitter birds with butterfly net. 

Second article was about Paramount breaking the time window with two upcoming movies that are only going to be in theaters for two weeks before heading to digital. The Art Directors wanted the illustration to depict the Paramount logo bursting through a pane of glass, with the glass shards in the shape of stars from the logo.  

Illustration: Nils-Petter Ekwall
Client: Variety
Art Direction: Cheyne Gateley and Vanessa Morsse

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