Paper tin drum for Farbwerte - SchwarzRotGold
A country’s flag has the ability to invoke a disparate set of sentiments: from pride to nostalgia, nationalism to racism among others. Whether being hoisted up a pole, adorning the clothes and faces of sports enthusiasts or being set alight by racial extremists, a nation’s flag is a powerful, yet polarizing symbol.
Initiated in March 2009, the mission of Farbwerte (Color Values) is to bring people from various areas of society together to reflect on national identity and common values.
The first and still ongoing project Farbwerte – SchwarzRotGold (Color Values – BlackRedGold) is concerned with questions surrounding German identity and its respective forms of public display. Therefore international designers and artists are given the task of incorporating the German flag into their artwork, using this public object as a medium to illustrate a personal story or point of view. In addition Robert Eysoldt and photographer Frank Roesner contribute large format portraits of people from various areas of the society.

When I think of “Germany” the thing that goes through my mind is all german films I’ve seen and learned to love. Actually – my favorite film makers are all germans (exept for Roman Polanski). Werner Herzog, Edgar Reitz, Fassbinder and Fritz Lang has given me most of the images when thinking of germany.
I choosed to illustrate this “fact” with a piece inspired by “Die Blechtrommel” and “Fitzgeraldo” (but the jungle is of course from Aguirre “Der Zorn Gottes”).


Exhibition photos by Robert Eysold. 
Farbwerte exhibition in the Malzfabrik, Berlin 2010 | Photo by Robert Eysoldt
Farbwerte exhibition in the Malzfabrik , Berlin 2010 | Photo by Robert Eysoldt
Farbwerte exhibition in Berlin Munze, 2009 | Photo by Robert Eysoldt

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